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Member Benefits

  • Voting rights in UAEA Elections

  • A voice in bargaining for wages and benefits  

  • Voting rights on changes to the MOU
  • Ability to submit proposals for changes
  • Opportunity to run for and hold Union Office
  • Access to Experienced Legal Counsel  
  • A FREE WILL for yourself and spouse
  • Participation in Labor Management Committees
  • Right to Union Representation in ANY meeting YOU feel might lead to discipline or counseling.

Legal Services

Our attorneys at Napier, Coury and Baillie will also provide one free hour of consultation with an attorney regarding any law-related matter, a free Will, Living Will or Healthcare Power of Attorney, reduced contingency fee of 25% for personal injury or wrongful death claims, and quality cost-friendly referrals for criminal defense, family law, bankruptcy, or estate planning.